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The Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED) bridges a critical gap in global efforts to address prosperity around the world by focusing on the private sector as the engine for sustainable growth. Our goal is to transform the lives of people in poverty—on a massive scale—through innovation, entrepreneurship, and the scaling of businesses.

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Members of SEED's Transformation Program in West Africa: Small to medium-sized enterprises with exceptional growth and impact potential.


Stanford Researchers

SEED’s research goal is to advance general knowledge through the study of entrepreneurship; product and service innovations that serve the poor; and the growth of firms in developing economies.

Social Networks and Economic Activity: Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Economies

SEED research panel exploring the role of social networks in economic activity.

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Stanford Students

Opportunities to support SEED's mission to alleviate poverty around the world are available to Stanford students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

SEED Summer Internship Program

Missed the info session about SEED Summer Internships?

Watch it here:

Applications for the 2015 SEED Summer Internship Program are due Feb 13, 2015.

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Volunteer with SEED

SEED volunteer business coaches spend up to one year in Africa where they immerse themselves into the local business ecosystem and coach a portfolio of companies in general management.

Coaches engage with African executives on business topics and challenges with the goal of transforming companies into industry leaders and job creators. Coaches work closely with African companies to formulate goals for growth and to develop and help implement strategies that will lead clients to a successful transformation.

Leverage Your Skills as a Business Leader and Advance Economic Opportunities in Africa.

What motivates SEED volunteers? Find out in this video.

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